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Taking On Complex Child Custody Cases

One of parents’ biggest concerns is how their divorce will impact their children. As a parent, you want the best for your child. Whether you share multiple children or have a child with special needs, custody cases can be complicated and emotional.

At Kendrick Family Legal Solutions, LLC, attorney Laura Kendrick has over a decade of experience helping clients in the Denver area fight for custody of their children. She understands how important the parent-child relationship is. She will dedicate the personal attention required for your case to be successful.

Is Child Custody 50/50 In Colorado?

In Colorado, parenting time does not have to be split 50/50. Colorado law only requires that parents have frequent and continuing contact with their children. While equal parenting time is feasible in some cases, it is not mandatory.

Like other states, Colorado follows the standard of considering the child’s best interests when making custody decisions. Courts will consider the child’s physical, mental and emotional well-being and the relationship between the child and each parent. The court may also consider the child’s wishes if the child is mature enough.

Child Custody For Kids With Special Needs

A divorce and custody arrangement can be even more difficult for children with special needs. Many special needs children require stability and attention that cannot wait until the divorce and custody decision is finalized.

For children with special needs, the court also considers which parent is best equipped to properly care for them so that they are safe and their physical and emotional needs are met. The court will also consider the ability of each parent to put their child’s needs above their own and which one has consistently done so in the past. For example, if one parent takes care of the child and is used to their specific medical needs, it may be best for the child to remain with that parent.

Child custody cases for kids with special needs add another layer of complexity. You need an attorney who understands how these disabilities can impact your life. With a background in psychology, Laura understands the unique needs of these clients and how to help them.

Giving Your Children The Best Future Possible

Don’t leave your child’s future to chance. Even amicable divorces run into problems when child custody is on the line. At Kendrick Family Legal Solutions, LLC, Laura Kendrick has the experienced necessary to help you secure a positive outcome for you and your child. Contact her today by scheduling a consultation online or by calling 720-759-3216.