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Live in Colorado Springs? Hire a Divorce Lawyer in Denver

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2017 | Divorce

If you live in Colorado Springs, for obvious reasons your initial thoughts will be to hire a lawyer from Colorado Springs to handle your divorcechild support or custody matter.  But you may need to look outside of your zip code to get the results that you want from your divorce lawyer, regardless of whether you’re a servicemember or civilian.

Colorado Springs is a small community, and divorce lawyers aren’t always interested in getting aggressive if they know they’ll be seeing the Judge or opposing counsel at close community functions.  As a result, you may end up settling for an amount of money, custody or child support that doesn’t meet your goals and expectations for you future, or worse, isn’t what’s best for your children.

This may be particularly damaging if you are the less dominant spouse or parent.  Your lawyer may be doing very little to keep you from falling victim to your former spouse or partner’s dominant nature, meaning your spouse or partner is again driving the bus, this time regarding your divorce, custody, or child support.

You may just want a lawyer with more of an aggressive, big-city attitude.  Colorado Springs has a population of 465,101, while Denver’s metro population is 2,853,077.  Divorce lawyers who have busy practices in varying demographics will almost certainly have the experience to handle your case.  In addition, there are plenty of divorce lawyers in Denver – the competition is greater than in Colorado Springs, and the level of expertise from your divorce lawyer will follow suit.

Regardless of location, the vast majority of your correspondence with your lawyer will be via Email and Telephone, so the distance won’t affect your ability to communicate.  If you live in Colorado Springs, don’t be afraid to look outside of your neighborhood for your divorce lawyer, who can also help you with custody and child support.  It may make all the difference in how you move forward with your life.  Contact me for a free consultation to talk about your options.