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Explaining your choice to divorce to your children

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2024 | Divorce

The decision to end your marriage is a difficult one to make. If you are moving forward with this decision, it likely comes after a period of careful consideration and much thought into how this choice will impact your future. It is not easy to divorce, even if you and the other party are committed to working together amicably and cooperatively. One of your main concerns may be how this will affect your children.

Divorce impacts every member of a Colorado family, including the children. They often are unable to grasp what is going on, and they may feel unsure about how this will affect their futures. It is important that you explain your divorce carefully and intentionally, choosing to have a thoughtful conversation that will provide them with as much information as they need. The way you approach this discussion matters.

Preparing for a difficult conversation

As you think about how to explain your divorce to your children, you will benefit from setting aside your own personal feelings and focusing on their needs above all else. While it is difficult to do that, your temporary emotions can get in the way of clear communication that your children need. You will benefit from the following as you think about what to say and how to approach this discussion:

  • It is best if both parents can sit down and have this conversation together with the kids. Children may see their cooperation as a positive sign for the future as they co-parent.
  • Have the conversation in an environment that is private so that the kids can express their emotions as they need.
  • Decide ahead of time about what you will say and how to best explain to your kids what this will mean for their lives.
  • Understand that your kids may react emotionally, and know that they may have lots of questions you will need to answer.

The end of your marriage is going to bring changes for every family member, but your kids may need additional support and help as they transition. You can lay the foundation for a strong and stable post-divorce future for them by securing reasonable and fair terms in your custody and visitation order. However, the first step in this process is having a thoughtful conversation with them about the divorce.