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How should you tell your kids you are getting a divorce?

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2023 | Divorce

As a parent, you are aware that the decision to end your marriage will impact your children for years to come. Many Colorado parents strive to minimize the negative effects of divorce by placing the mental and emotional needs of the kids as the priority at every stage of the legal process. If you wish to do the same, you will benefit from being careful and thoughtful in the way you approach the initial conversation with your kids. 

Telling your kids you are getting a divorce is not easy. Even if you and the other parent remain amicable and cooperative, it is still difficult to explain how their lives will permanently change. It is in your interests to carefully consider how you want to explain your decision to your kids and provide the support they need during this time of transition. 

Preparing for a difficult conversation 

There is no single cookie-cutter solution for having the conversation with your children regarding your divorce. You will benefit from considering your kids and their unique mental, emotional and psychological capabilities as you prepare for what is ahead. They will need assurance and support, regardless of their age. It may help to communicate with the other parent about what to say and where to have the conversation. It is best to talk somewhere with privacy and where you will not feel rushed. 

Depending on the ages of your children, it may be helpful to provide details about what they can expect from your divorce. For example, you can explain where they will live, what will happen next, how they will share time between parents and other important details. This may help them mentally prepare, and it could help them as they transition to their post-divorce life. It is also helpful when both parents can be present to have this conversation with the kids. 

Putting the needs of the kids first 

With any decision you are making in your divorce, it is critical to place the needs of the children as your primary goal. When considering how to have this conversation with your kids, you may have to set aside your own temporary emotions and focus on what will be in their best interests. Before you move forward or make any important decisions related to your children, you will benefit from seeking experienced guidance.