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Is joint custody the ideal option for your family?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2023 | Child Custody

Your divorce is going to have an inevitable impact on your children. You know that the decision to end your marriage will have lifelong impacts that could have a negative effect. However, there are things you can do that will allow you to minimize these negative impacts and preserve their interests long after the divorce is final. One way you can do this is by allowing your kids to maintain a strong relationship with both parents after a divorce.   

For many families, joint custody makes the most sense and provides the best opportunity for the kids to have stability and security. Joint custody will require that you and the other parent be willing to work cooperatively together as you parent your kids. This is not always easy, and while it is a popular custody option, it is not always the best choice for every family. 

The potential benefits for your family 

The intent of a joint custody arrangement is to provide kids with stability and security, typically by allowing them to maintain strong and regular relationships with both parents. While joint custody does mean shared parenting times, it is important to remember that equitable and reasonable does not always mean equal. Some of the benefits of joint custody include: 

  • You and the other parent will share the responsibility of discipline for your kids, which will take some of the burden off you. 
  • Due to the custody and visitation schedule, you and your kids will have a regular routine that can provide a sense of stability and continuity of lifestyle. 
  • When you share custody, you will have time to yourself, which can be beneficial as you try to move forward with new opportunities in your personal life. 
  • Joint custody likely means that you and the other parent will also share the costs of everyday expenses for the kids. 

As you consider the custody options available to you, don’t overlook the benefits of joint custody. As you consider the options you have, it will help to focus on the needs of your kids above all else, removing your own emotions from the process. This will allow you to remain objective as you make important custody decisions that will affect your family for years to come.